Zero Friction Metrics

Stop jumping through hoops to get where you need to go.

3 min readJan 15, 2021


Game developers can relate to the following scenario:

You are scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when you stumble across an advertisement for a game that looks new, exciting, and different. You click the link, excited and ready to play this bright and energizing new game, when you get hit with a sign-up sheet, quiz, or survey that you have to complete before you can proceed.

If you are anything like me, and the majority of the population, you will likely exit right then and there, immediately draining any and all interest in this game that just moments ago was incredibly exciting and interesting. It is an unfortunate fact, but it is a harsh reality. We live in a society of instant gratification intertwined with digital impatience. When moving forward into an unfamiliar facet of the Internet and specifically in the world of games, if we see something we want to try, we want to try it now. Leaving a new game does not hold weight in this vast digital medium in the eyes of players, as we subconsciously know we have hundreds of thousands of other options. If we can find another game to play that will immediately let us play seconds after stumbling upon a sign-up sheet, we will go find that preferred option.

Now the question, how can I collect metrics and data without forcing a player to fill out a form, may arise. It is possible to collect metrics and data without forcing a player to fill out paperwork first, if the right systems are in place. Building your own backend server infrastructure, ensuring one hundred percent uptime, and handling offline transactions should not be your focus. It should be about making awesome games. Focusing all of your energy on the back end of the system would be the same as a restaurant owner opening a restaurant and putting little energy into the quality of the food. Would you want to eat there? It may be a well-oiled machine of a business, but if the food is subpar, does the rest matter? The same concept also applies to creating games that attract and keep gamers.

Developers and creators’ largest focuses should be creating games that attract players and keep players. GamerGraph can help you build a frictionless metric system to allow you to collect the right data to improve your gaming experience while preventing the extra step of a deterrent of a form for gamers to fill out. You want gamers to play your game and not get bogged down by digital paperwork in the process, but you still want to collect the needed data and metrics to allow your game to grow and evolve.

GamerGraph allows you to create custom data points and metrics that can be viewed as a report which can in turn allow you to gather the information you need to improve your game without forcing gamers to complete a survey before they can join in on the fun. The fun of the game is the focus. There should be no friction regarding your metrics.

Go forth and build your game — we’ll do the rest. Free trial:

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