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More Data Gives You More Players

3 min readJan 19, 2021


How to better sculpt your game to meet player’s needs…

Everywhere we turn we are asked our opinion on a service, platform, or experience. We are confronted with surveys, chatrooms, forums and opinions day in and day out. While the opinions of the public are important to pay attention to, they are not everything and they are definitely not black and white. One sour opinion regarding an aspect of a game does not mean that aspect is negative across the board. Just like how people vary exponentially, so do opinions, which means opinions should not solely define you, or your game. This is why we collect data.

The general game player may not be able to describe their experience within a game and their feelings toward certain aspects in a helpful way. They may provide you with conflicting statements, opinions straight out of left field, and they will most likely not have the proper language to describe their true thoughts that is fine tuned for developers the way data and metrics can provide the right information.

Data provides cold hard information about your game to better improve the experience for your current players and to attract more players. The more data you collect, the more relevant that data becomes and the more relevant it is to your game and your experience, the faster you can address any issues that may arise thus improving the system for every player involved. This will allow you to make your game more enjoyable for your players and attract more players in the long run.

GamerGraph not only allows you to customize your data to fit your needs, but your data belongs to you. By utilizing the free Tier on GamerGraph to get the lay of the land, you will see that it is the perfect developer platform for the growth of your game. GamerGraph wants developer’s focus to return to the art of creating better and more exciting games for the public. This can only be achieved if we can zero in on the specifics of your game and what is pleasing to players versus what sends them away.

How will you know if a particular action in your game is too difficult for the majority of your players? Is there a particular object or scene they seem to prefer? Where should you focus your attention?

You should focus your attention on GamerGraph and its ability to give you your data and metrics reports without selling the information. You should focus your attention on the fact that GamerGraph’s goal is to grow your game and to grow with you. You should focus your attention on taking the information you receive from our data and metrics reports to sculpt and alter your game to make it the best it can be for players. The more data you collect with the help of GamerGraph, the more fine-tuned you can make your games and the more enjoyable your game becomes for all.

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