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5 min readJan 25, 2021


You deserve access to impeccable metrics.

Many among us today claim that limiting beliefs within our own minds and subconscious is the sole thing standing between us and receiving what we want, need, and desire. There is always a path to work around perceived roadblocks. You do not need a magic wand or a million dollars to grow your creative business, but if you’ve developed a game that you would like to grow to success beyond your wildest dreams, then you just might need GamerGraph.

Have you ever wondered why and how the main game developers, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, know exactly how to push new games? What about how these developers know how to push DLC? How do they really know how to remove or change a main game feature? The answer to all three of these incredibly crucial questions is one in the same; they have impeccable metrics. You may be thinking, “of course they have incredible metrics. They are three of the biggest companies in the world.” However, clout and high financial wealth does not prevent you from receiving just as impeccable metrics specific to your game needs.

The importance of analytics platforms is impossible to ignore within the digital age. Understanding your metrics and data is a key element in understanding not only how much traffic your website, business, or game is receiving, but it can allow you to better understand your audience and allow you to meet their needs more specifically. Therefore, you will or have already, found a way to track your metrics and analytics from a free source that is solely providing you with information, right? You have probably used websites such as Game Analytics, Google Analytics, and Facebook, which all provide metrics and analytics for free, or do they?

While the above-mentioned websites technically provide you your data with no upfront charge, it is not technically a free service. When you utilize these “free” services to provide you with the metrics and analytics you are searching for, you are essentially giving your information away. Your data now belongs to the vendor you believed to be providing you with a service at no cost to you. These free analytics, metrics and data sites are taking your data and reselling, repurposing, and reusing that information.

According to an article from CNN Business, by Kayla Yurieff, entitled, Your Facebook Data Questions Answered, “Facebook uses information people provide — such as their age, gender and interests — to target ads to a specific audience. Advertisers tell Facebook which demographics they want to reach, and then the social media giant places the ads on related accounts. Ads likely cost more based on how specific marketers want to get. Although Facebook doesn’t directly sell your data to outside parties, it does make money from it. The company’s advertising revenue jumped 49% to $40 billion in 2017.”

GamerGraph operates on a fully transparent model both internally and externally. Your data is yours and we are not going to sell it to a competitor. We want you to be able to dig deep into your data and pull out just the right information to help your game grow and evolve.

Gaming analytics and metrics generally provide the same information, such as, when a player installs a game, when they switch scenes and when they quit playing, among others. While this is great information and necessary for creators, it does not allow for you and your team to really dig into the specifics of your platform. As we have learned over the years, one size does not fit all in any facet of the world, so why would we believe this false perception also applies to data and analytics. Just as you are an individual and no one is like you, your creations, games, and technology are a product of your individuality and should grow as such.

GamerGraph allows you to create custom data points and metrics that you can view as a report. You can create as many as you would like. Once you can pinpoint and troubleshoot elements that are specific to your game and your players, you can alter and sculpt your layout to fit your players needs and keep them invested while continuing to grow your audience base.

GamerGraph not only allows you to customize your data to fit your needs, but your data belongs to you. By utilizing the free Tier on GamerGraph to get the lay of the land, you will see that it is the perfect developer platform for the growth of a game. GamerGraph wants developers’ focus to return to the art of creating better and more exciting games for the public. This can only be achieved if we can zero in on the specifics of your game and what is pleasing to players and what sends them away.

Developers and creators’ largest focuses should be creating games that attract players and keep players. GamerGraph can help you build a frictionless metric system to allow you to collect the right data to improve your gaming experience while preventing the extra step of a deterrent of a to be filled-out form for gamers. You want gamers to play your game and not get bogged down by digital paperwork in the process, but you still want to collect the needed data and metrics to allow your game to grow and evolve. We also offer highly customizable and detailed methods via an unbelievably user-friendly API that larger studios and publishers will find cost effective and easier to use than in house stacks.

Gamergraph is leveling the playing field across the board. We make it very easy for independent game developers, publishers and small to mid-sized developers and publishers to collect data. We at GamerGraph are able to present that data in a manner that makes sense to you and your needs. Developers and publishers can easily use canned systems or complicated backends or get locked into a vendor with its own agenda. This is not the case at GamerGraph. We have the easiest and most complete solution to building your metrics and building them your way.

Do you have limiting beliefs about your game and your success? What are the hurdles standing in your way? Whatever your limiting beliefs are made out to be, GamerGraph is your answer by paving the pathway around those brick walls your subconscious and conscious have built to stop you from getting what you want and what you deserve. The world needs better games and the world needs to play yours.

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