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Customize Your Analytics

2 min readFeb 1, 2021


What does your data really tell you?

Gaming analytics and metrics generally provide the same umbrella of information; when a player installs a game, when they switch scenes and when they quit playing, etc. While this is great information and necessary information for creators, it is also broad and does not allow for you and your team to really dig into the specifics of your platform. As we have learned over the years, one size does not fit all in any facet of the world, so why would we believe this false perception also applies to data and analytics. Just as you are an individual and no one is like you, your creations, games, and technology are a product of your individuality and should grow as such.

What if you are trying a new object out and want to see how it specifically performs? What if all of your players are quitting your game twenty minutes in and you cannot for the life of you figure out why? What if you want to define custom actions and data points? General analytics do not allow you to access this information. Are your players quitting your game twenty minutes in because of a new object you’ve implemented, or is it a broader issue with the entire set up? To grow and evolve with your audience you need to know the answers to these questions, and you need to know them sooner rather than later.

What if I told you there is a very simple solution to this predicament?

That solution to this predicament is GamerGraph.

GamerGraph allows you to create custom data points and metrics that you can view as a report. You can create as many as you would like. The aforementioned “many” that are needed to meet your specific needs can be utilized with GamerGraph. Yes, the general and basic data information is very important, but the specifics are key. Once you can pinpoint and troubleshoot elements that are specific to your game and your players, you can alter and sculpt your layout to fit your players needs and keep them invested while continuing to grow your audience base.

GamerGraph wants you to keep control over your data and metrics. Your data is yours and we are not going to sell it to a competitor. With this information, we hope it would allow the comfort needed in us to confidently gather this data specific to your game, players, and platform. We want you to be able to dig deep into your data and pull out just the right information to help your game grow and evolve.

Try GamerGraph for free and learn how to improve your game, increase usage, and operate with control.

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